Engineering, Commissioning, Maintenance and Start-ups

 We have a highly respected staff of Engineers and Technicians with a broad spectrum of capabilities. 

About Us

Precision Testing Group, Inc., is a NETA accredited organization, founded in 2001, specializing in Engineering, Commissioning, Start-up and Maintenance Testing for utilities, power, industrial and commercial, governmental and transit systems clients.

Precision Testing Group has developed a select, highly respected staff of Engineers and Technicians with a broad spectrum of capabilities. Precision Testing Group provides electrical systems design and analysis, NERC compliance, Electrical Installation, acceptance and maintenance testing, and commissioning of power systems and equipment. 

Our professional staff, with their extensive knowledge and field experience, has contributed to the successful completion of major generation, distribution, transit, industrial and commercial projects.

Precision Testing Group service area, although located in Elizabeth, CO., extends throughout the United States. We are committed to providing only the highest caliber of Technicians and Engineers. We own all field test equipment and accessories required to perform commissioning and testing functions ranging from harmonic analysis to the commissioning of 500kV substations and power plants.

Our commissioning and testing projects have involved a wide spectrum of electrical equipment including, but not limited to, generators, high and low voltage switchgear, relays, power and distribution transformers, motors, power factor correction capacitors and inductors, low and high voltage breakers and Instrument Transformers.

Our expertise extends to the testing and maintenance of air, magnetic, oil, vacuum and SF6 circuit breakers at voltage levels up to and including 500kV.

The administrative staff and quality control group complement the field staff and are dedicated to insuring accurate, safe and timely completion of all projects. engineering consultant electrical engineering electrical engineering company