Engineering Services

Our engineering team will analyze your requirements and design or improve your system to insure the most efficient electric power system on your site. Designs will comply with all federal and local standards and regulations; NEC, ANSI, NEMA, and other applicable standards including the National Electric Safety Code.

If you need to expand your power consumption, expand your substation or add feeders to your existing switchgear, we will redesign your power distribution system that will allow you to operate in an efficient way possible.

Commissioning Services

 We will be involved in the whole project; the design, construction and operation phases. Since each equipment in a power system is critical for it to run safely and efficiently, our commissioning expertise will do a thorough test on all protection schemes and devices, power generating and distribution equipment, isolation devices, control and communication schemes, and all electrical devices implemented in your system. 

Installation Services

Our expert staff is comprised of highly qualified and trained electrical engineers and technicians with experience ranging from five to thirty years. Our staff will work with your company to ensure projects are completed in a timely, efficient manner and that your equipment functions efficiently and safely, as intended.

NERC Compliance

With a thorough understanding of NERC standards and intentions, we develop and execute programs necessary to avoid the costly fines and time-consuming remediation activities.

Maintenance Testing and Repair Services

We have highly qualified field service personnel and engineers capable of testing and troubleshooting electrical systems, devices and equipment. We can plan and execute a periodical maintenance for your site depending on your requirements. For all emergency works that may arise from system faults and equipment breakdowns, we will handle the issues promptly and professionally.