Career Opportunities


Job Descriptions and Responsibilities

  • Electrical Engineers: Having at least one degree in electrical engineering is an absolute necessity, must be good problem-solvers and have a creative bent, since finding ways to provide solutions for problems in design and implementation of power systems, Public speaking and writing are also good skills to have; write technical reports and present material before large groups.
  • Electrical Engineering Technicians: build testing plan for electrical systems and devices, troubleshoot power system problems, set up tests and analyze results, create and update drawings and reports, an associate degree in a related electrical or electronics field is generally required in order to gain employment, and coursework in mathematics and science is essential.
  • Field Testing Technicians: Capable of testing batteries, CT’s, PT’s, dry type transformers, liquid filled transformers, switchgear, circuit breakers, metering devices, protective relays, lightning arrestors, capacitors, variety of switches, motors, motor controllers, generators, automatic transfer switches, variable frequency drives, power quality monitoring, ground systems, etc.


  • Having Electrical Engineering Degree and FE/PE license is a plus.
  • Having exceptional understanding of science and math is a major requirement, Strong computer skills (including Testing Application software and Microsoft office).
  • Must obtain and maintain a valid Colorado driver’s license.
  • Pass pre-employment and random drug screenings. 
  • Be able to lift up to 50 – 100 lbs. 
  • Willingness to travel throughout the US.